Our Story

Our Story


With the induction of the Belt and Road initiative led by China, the world’s second biggest economy, we saw a rising concern for the future of Pakistanis. Many people were both scared and sceptical of this new change, and what it meant for them as individuals at a personal level and for their businesses at a macro level.

Mr. Hamza Saeed Orakzai, with his deep understanding and expertise in all Chinese matters, found that there were solutions to the uncertainties regarding the prosperity and progress of the people and BRI. Very early, he recognized the information and infrastructural gaps that put people at a disadvantage by default, in this new era of development.

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“An idea does not belong to one person, it is shared with others to make it extra-ordinary.”

Hamza Orakzai – CEO Obortunity

Thus began the journey of Obortunity before the company even existed, with an idea. Transforming this idea into a company was not the only obstacle, however, tackling the sceptics and proceeding with undaunting focus was the greater challenge. We, as a company, had a strong belief in our Vision which kept us self-motivated. We knew that there were people for the opportunities and opportunities for the people – the problem was the lack of a platform to connect the two. Therefore, this is what pushes us, further and further, to make our platform the collective platform of our future.

We connect the right people with the right opportunities, in order to create a constructive path that companies and the general masses can follow, to every initiative. Aligned pragmatically and optimistically towards the progress of this company and the prosperity of the nation as a whole, we are proud to say that Obortunity, due to its fast paced growth, has achieved its status as a national company and platform within a year.